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Finding your ideal home

Settling in a new country and city can be challenging, particularly due to language and cultural differences. In addition, a centralized database for properties-to-rent does not exist in Belgium, and you will have to find your way through confusing local adds, internet research, local agencies, or dealing directly with owners. There are hundreds of real estate brokers, not all professional, and they tend to represent the owner's interest, not necessarily yours. We are totally independent from real estate agents and landlords, have your interests at heart, and make it easier for you to find you your perfect home.

Assisting With Administrative Formalities

Getting your paperwork in order can be a burdensome and time-consuming experience, as each commune (localized administrative authorities, of which Belgium has 589) has its own formalities and regulations. We are there to help you, as we know our way around when it comes to communes, regulations, and administrative issues.

Avoiding Unnecessary Expenses

From the start, we help you avoid unnecessary expenses:: hotel bills, taxi-services, absences from work for the housing search and tedious Belgian administrative procedures.

Avoiding Illegal Lease Contracts

As our company is totally independent from real-estate brokers and landlords, we represent your best interests and help you avoid illegal lease contracts. Some contracts may, in fact, lack or include certain key clauses that could lead to major financial or legal disputes.

Providing A Smooth Transition

We are a company with a dynamic, friendly team of professionals. We are multilingual and accommodate the world's major languages. We are dedicated to providing you with much-needed, on-the-ground logistical and moral support during your transition.

Finding The Right School For Your Children

There are many schools in Belgium. The local schools are either Flemish-speaking or French-speaking. Then there are also numerous International schools. We can assist you in finding the right education or daycare option for your children.

Helping You Make Objective Decisions

While house-viewing, we will advise you on the quality of the property and the areas around it. As we are independent from real-estate brokers and landlords, you will get all the relevant information to make objective and informed decisions.

Providing Advice And Documentation

You have a question? Just ask us…we have answers. With everything you, yourself, have to deal with when you move, let us take the logistical issues off your hands. We help you to have a smooth and happy transition to your new life in a great country.