Incoming relocation

Range of Services

We supply a comprehensive range of relocation services, which are available as a complete package or individually on your requirements.

We will provide you with loads of information, a welcome map with information about housing, Belgian leases, hints and tips on how to be a good "tenant", useful phone numbers such as doctors, hospitals, plumbers, locksmiths, restaurants, shops etc. You will receive a map of Brussels, transport map, and a book specifically for expats in Brussels.

Research and reservation of a hotel.

Picking up at the airport or train-station and bringing to the office or hotel.

A tour of the different communes and the local area (infrastructure, schools, shops, sports, cultural activities, parks...).

Advice and documentation on the different education and childcare options. Research and accompagnied visits to potential schooling options.

Taking your specifications, we prospect in the chosen areas to narrow down the options to present to you, whether it is for the permanent housing or temporary. We then accompany you during the visits and advise on the quality of the different housing options.

We negotiate the best possible deal for you, we check the lease and inform you of our comments. We explain the different formalities, obligations and rights of the lease. Presence when signing the lease. If you can't be present, we can sign on behalf of you with a power of attorney.

We connect water, gas, electricity, telephone, television, internet, alarm… We assist with the different contracts that need to be subscribed to.

We can recommend a real estate expert who conducts a detailed examination of the condition of the property. We will set up the appointment with the expert (s) and the landlord. We inform you of your obligations and rights and explain the implications of damages that may occur during your stay. We translate and forward any comments you have noticed, to the expert and landlord.

Liaison with the removal firm.

Advice and assisting on the different insurance options for housing, car, family, health etc.

Opening a bank account at your choice of bank. Organizing the bank guarantee needed before you can move into your new home. Presence and explanation on the different banking solutions.

Accompanied visit to the commune and assistance with administrative formalities such as: identity card, driving license and certificate of residence.

We can assist with the legalisation and translation of official documents.

Deal with the customs clearance, with the car registration, organise the changes to be made to the car for European homogeneity, organise car insurance and getting the license plates.

During your stay in Brussels, you can contact us, when in need for practical or technical advice. We can also provide information on business, social and cultural activities.

We can provide any additional services that may be required such as for example shopping for house hold appliances, furniture, cars etc.