OutGoing relocation

Range of Services

We supply a comprehensive range of relocation services, which are available as a complete package or individually on your requirements.

Preparation of the letter of notification and sending it by normal and registered mail.

Obtaining quotes from different moving companies. Organizing the parking places for the moving trucks if necessary.

Meeting you at your house for a preliminary assessment of the premises. We will explain all that will be done and needs to be done before leaving the country. We go through your property and indicate ways to avoid excessive outgoing costs.

Obtaining different quotes from cleaning companies if needed. Liaison with cleaning company and explaining how and what needs to be done. Obtaining different quotes from gardeners if needed. Liaison with the gardener and explaining how and what will need to be done.

Recommendation of a real estate expert. You can have a pre-inspection of property done by an expert, who will explain to you the best way to control the damages. Explaining how to clean and what to do in terms of your obligations before your departure (such as sweeping of the chimney, maintenance of heating system, boiler, alarm and others). Organisation of cleaning, and maintenance issues. Presence during exit inspection and negotiation with the experts.

Disconnection of the utilities such as water, gas, electricity, telephone, television, internet, and alarm. Informing authorities for regional taxes, and TV taxes of your departure. Bringing back rented telephone, modems or TV decoders if any. Cancellation of any contracts such as gardening, elevator, maintenance, alarm etc. Obtaining reimbursement where possible.

Co-ordination of outgoing formalities with different administrations:
- returning identity cards and obtaining the change of residence certificate
- returning the driving license and recuperating the original where possible
- legalization of power of attorney for future tax purposes.

Recuperating the bank guarantee once all payments have been done and closing accounts.

Canceling the insurance policies and obtaining reimbursement where possible.

Terminating the insurance policies and obtaining reimbursement where possible.

Forwarding mail, by making a change of address at the Post office.

Assistance with outgoing formalities for pets.

Returning license plates to the DIV and obtaining reimbursement for the circulation tax.